Hotel Home like home Machu Picchu
Kori Wakanki 607
Machu picchu, Peru
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Hotel Home like home Machu Picchu

Home Like Home Machu Picchu is a new brand hotel in Peru, born in inspiration to natural colorful green, dazzling, exotic, lively, cheerful and lovely Andean flora and fauna that's Peruvian Andes, very specially INCAS SACRED VALLEY surrounding area and train route to the most inspiring and / or adventurous travel to Machu Picchu wonder world.

With difficulties that have this geographic area we built a place where you may stay with the necessary amenities, rather broad with panoramic views, warm and very welcoming. During the decoration time we have been concerned that the natural environment has the greater harmony with our rooms, lounge and halls and becoming these Andean expressions as well complement.

Now through opinion of customers we know that we have the best panoramic views of the local environment: Wilkamayo River, mountains surrounded; and our service show us as the best complement of pre and post visit to Machu Picchu.

We have a select human group that knows to served and care our visitors with their daily work practices of environmental sustainability.

Let this occasion be part of your dream trip to Machu Picchu which surely has planned it by long time, we will try that your stay going to be these time you wait for.

Thanks much your confidence.

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